Compassion for You and Compassion for Me

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By Melanie Dean, PhD

Comapaaion Father and son

Did you know that being calm quiet within yourself (meditation), allows you to have compassion for others? As you have compassion for another person, you will be opening the electromagnetic particles pathway for others to have compassion for you.

So today, if you feel upset about something someone has done that you don’t agree with, take a few moments to calm and quiet yourself. Then, try to imagine how that person was feeling when they did what they did. Perhaps they were feeling scared about meeting a tight deadline at work and they snapped at you angrily. Imagine a time when you too have felt scared about something and without realizing it, said angry snappy words to someone. With this awareness, send a feeling of understanding to the person who behaved in a way you didn’t like. You will feel calmer yourself. You will also have an easier time letting go and moving on. And likely, in the future, someone will extend the same understanding to you when you do something you wish you hadn’t done.

© 2018 Melanie A Dean


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