Your Energy Connects Instantly to Similar Energy Outside of You

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By Melanie Dean, PhD


Do you know that particles of energy leave your body and connect instantly with similar particles of energy long distances away? Scientists believe this instant communication happens without any limit to the distance. But, measuring this instant communication is a bit difficult. So far, scientists have been able to measure energy particles connecting without time delay as far as 88 miles apart. I’m sure soon they will measure it at much further distances than that.

You might wonder, “so what”? Well, your focus activates this energy that leaves you. Your focus gives direction to energy waves that leave you that instantly connect with similar energy outside of you at long distances away. Your focus has power.

Choose what kind of energy you want to activate for yourself. Whatever energy you activate over and over again will grow in abundance for you. You can grow resentment, fear, anger if you choose to continually focus on those within yourself – or – you can grow fun, harmony, joy, love and abundance if you choose to continually focus on those.

Activate the energy you want more of in your life, because it connects to particles of energy outside of you and circles right back to you. Grow baby grow!

© 2018 Melanie A Dean


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