Your Focused Intention is Powerful – It Affects Computers:

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By Melanie Dean, PhD


Did you know that your focused purposeful intention affects things outside of yourself – even computers? Several research studies have shown that people focused on a particular image in their minds can make computers generate more of that same image.

So, know that your focus and intention creates energy that goes to work outside of yourself. Be clear on what you focus and set your intentions upon because you are setting particles of energy in motion that go to work on your behalf. The old adage, “Be careful what you wish for – you may get it” is true.

If you find yourself facing competing desires such as expressing your anger and frustration in the moment of difficulty with someone you care about, versus having an ongoing relationship of joy and harmony – focus your intention on your long-range desire of joy and harmony and find a calmer more peaceful time in the future to discuss your frustrations.

Know that your focused intentions send forth particles of energy to meet your desire.

© 2018 Melanie A Dean


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