Your Body has a Happy Chemical that Keeps you Healthy

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By Melanie Dean, PhD

Did you know that when you feel happy your body creates a chemical called oxytocin to all of its cells? This happy feel good love chemical inside of you gives a message to your cells that life is good and safe. This message tells the cells to function at their highest, thus keeping you healthy.

Since circumstances that contribute to you feeling happy will change – as all things do- find a deeper place inside of you that the happiness resides. Get in touch with your happiness even when circumstances change. Perhaps you have a calm happy meal with family or a friend. Your happiness does not come solely from the food and calm environment – it comes from your appreciation and care of your loved one or friend.

Anchor your happiness in the gratitude you have for you friend or family member. You will continue to feel that happiness whenever you desire – long after your meal has concluded. And, you will be continuing to spread the happy oxytocin chemical that keeps your body healthy.


© 2018 Melanie A Dean

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