How Humor Affects Your Health

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By Melanie Dean, PhD


Did you know that when you give yourself the gift of having humor and laughter that the immune cells in your body work better and you will have less sickness?

So, as you go through your day today ask yourself to find the irony or humor in whatever situation you find yourself in. Allow yourself to enjoy the complexities of this chaotic life we all  share.  Perhaps you are late leaving work and thus late getting home to feed your family. You and others in your family are tired and hungry and getting cranky. There is some happiness and humor to be found in how well you know and love your family members and yourself, that you can predict the exact reactions that each of your loved ones will have when they are tired and hungry. Yet, all of you love each other and enjoy each other when you are calm and have full stomachs. There is love and humor in knowing other people well enough to predict their reactions and allowing those reactions to pass by you.

© Melanie Dean, PhD


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