Karma: Why it is real, and what you can do to control it

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By Melanie Dean, PhD

Karma is a real thing– what we put out there comes back to us.  Quantum Physics tells us that the particles of energy we set in motion through our thoughts and feelings connect up with like particles, working much like a radio does. As long as we activate certain particles (like tuning into our favorite local radio station), we participate in the information stream –  listening to the news, thinking about what we hear, and emotionally reacting to it. We can choose to continue to listen and participate or change the station.

We have the power to correct our karmic reactions through a process of quiet, self-awareness. We have the power to change the station.

I remember a friend of mine exclaiming recently that everything seemed to keep going wrong. Her furnace went out on a very cold morning, her teenager rear-ended someone at a stoplight, her favorite coffee mug slipped out of her hands and broke. All of this happened in the same week that she also had an especially negative client rejecting all of her business proposals. At each turn of events she wilted with fear “On no, what a horrible week; I wonder what else will go wrong!” Those thoughts and feelings set energy particles into motion to meet her fear expectation of other things going wrong. All her energy stream broadcast, “Bad things will just keep happening to me!” And that is exactly what happened. Karma is real.

Karma – what goes around comes around – is supported by the findings of quantum physics and quantum mechanics. Everything in the world is made up of energy particles. The energy particles that make up our bodies, thoughts, and feelings connect to other particles, all of which react to one another instantaneously and continuously. Literally, what particles we send out (what goes around) come back to us (what comes around).

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What you can DO to control your karma?

Whenever you are reacting to something – whether it is strictly in your mind or an actual event occurring in the moment – your energy particles are set into motion.

One way to correct the course of your karma reaction is to find a time for quiet self-awareness and try this six-step karma correction pathway:

  1. Visualize. Bring to mind what you wish had unfolded differently.
  2. Own it. Let go of that which you had no control over.  Then, take ownership for your part in what happened.  Understand what fear, anger, worry, or resentment was triggered within you.  Be kind to yourself, and know we all come by our own triggers from things that have happened in the past.  Know that you are doing the best you can, even now. My friend’s fear and tension likely contributed to the strained negative relationship with her client and to dropping her favorite mug.  Perhaps fear and tension are also part of her relationship with her son.
  3. Forgive. Apologize to yourself for the reaction you had in the past, affirming that you hope to do things differently in the future.  The biggest transformation that you can have is by forgiving yourself.  It is only by forgiving yourself that you can truly have compassion, acceptance, and forgiveness for others.
  4. Apologize. In that quiet, self-reflective place inside of yourself, apologize to the person or people your actions affected.  You may be tempted to judge them and think that they too should have done things differently.  Set those thoughts aside.  Their actions and responses are not for you to correct.  Your job is in growing and changing yourself – correcting your own karma.  As you apologize to the person(s), imagine them accepting your apology.
  5. Commit. Now, let yourself settle into an image of how you will respond differently in a future similar situation.  Make a commitment to yourself that in the future, you will take a moment to pause before reacting.  In that pause moment, you can bring this image to mind and choose to respond a little bit differently than you did before.
  6. Trust. Finally, ask the quiet wise energy inside of yourself if it would be helpful to take some action or make an apology to someone as part of correcting your karmic course.  Trust your internal wisdom guidance.  It will not lead you astray.

This approach of focusing on changes within yourself, has just as much power as taking concrete action, although you may want to also use your actions and words to correct your karma.

Remember that the particles activated within you do not know the difference between imaginings and real events.  So, as you correct your course within yourself, you are also correcting the karmic energy connected to you.

Now, please try these strategies, and share your experience. What were you able to visualize? How did it feel to own your part, forgive yourself, and envision the process of apologizing to those involved? What commitment did you make to yourself for the future? What did your “gut” tell you during this quiet, self-awareness time?

© Melanie Dean, PhD


11 thoughts on “Karma: Why it is real, and what you can do to control it”

  1. Wonderful blog! I found it while surfing around on Yahoo News.
    Do you have any suggestions on how to get
    listed in Yahoo News? I’ve been trying for a while
    but I never seem to get there! Appreciate it

    1. Hi Carolyn,
      I wish I could give guidance on how to show up on Yahoo News, but I do not know how my blog made it’s way to that site. I’m so glad you found it helpful. 🙂

  2. Ken,
    Sorry for my long time to reply. I’m learning how to use this blog site. Yes- i completely agree with you on how important out awareness is. It’s the key to mastering our personal power.

  3. Thanks Melanie, for sharing this insightful information. It is so important to be mindful of our thoughts, and the wonderful opportunities we have to share our positive energy with others.

  4. I love the words of wisdom. WOW! After spending time on the site this morning, I am confident i will have a great day. I am looking forward to reading the book and keeping up with your blog. I can’t wait to share this with friends.

  5. Great wisdom to live by. Thanks for your beautiful explanation. The power of choosing where to focus our attention is the power we have to create the life movie of our dreams. I have been practicing this for years and am amazed how joyful my life has become and how easy it has become to redirect my thoughts and focus to things that bring me joy. As the saying goes enjoy the journey.

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