Six Steps to Powerful Focus

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By Melanie Dean, PhD

The power that each of us have when we focus our attention and our intention is tremendous.  When we focus on something, the electrical megahertz of energy increases in certain parts of our brains. We set into motion particles of energy that leave us and connect with similar particles, each responding to our desires. So, be careful what you focus on – be sure it is what you want – because you will activate energy particles to work on your behalf.

The old adage, “Be careful what you wish for – you may get it,” is true. 

Every day, we focus on many people, events, demands, thoughts, and feelings.  Most of us don’t know how powerful our focus can be, and we let it flit from here to there.  Yesterday, I was in a hurry and didn’t take my normal quiet time to focus on my intentions for the day.  Instead, I just plowed ahead, responding to many different people and things to hurriedly get done.  At the end of the day, I didn’t feel like I had accomplished what was important to me –- the whole day seemed to vanish into a flurry of life activities.  I didn’t make progress on things that mattered to me.  I hadn’t focused my intention.

Did you know that your focused purposeful intention affects things outside of yourself – even computers?  Several experiments have shown that when a computer is programmed to randomly show two different images, say a cowboy or an Indian, people who were asked to focus on one image caused the computer to generate far more of that image than would be generated randomly.

[Jahn, RG et. al. (1997). Correlations of random binary sequences with related operator intention: a review of a 12 year program. Journal of Scientific Exploration, vol 11, pgs 345-67.

Radin, D. &Nelson, R. (1989). Evidence of consciousness related abnormalities in random physical systems.  Foundations of Physics, vol 12, pgs 1499-1514.]

Making your focus powerful

The key to making your focus powerful is to be purposeful.  Try these six steps when you start your day:

  1. Set aside time. Each day, make sure you set aside quiet time for yourself. You cannot focus your desires on what you want if you are busy doing and thinking about many other things.
  2. Allow your body and mind to relax. During your time of quiet, allow yourself the beauty of just being yourself. Calm and quiet.  Let your breathing relax and your mind feel calm.
  3. Bring to mind something you feel grateful for. Particles of energy are set into motion by your feelings. Feeling grateful for something in your life is the fastest, easiest way to activate energy to bring you more of what you focus upon.
  4. Focus on what you desire. Keep the feeling of gratitude active within you as you focus in your mind on what you desire for yourself for that day, a longer-term goal, or a particular situation. If you find yourself facing competing desires, such as wanting to tell someone off versus maintaining the joy and harmony of an ongoing relationship, focus your intention on what you wish for in the long term. Focus on that joy and harmony, and resolve also to find a calm, peaceful time to discuss your frustrations.
  5. Envision accomplishment. Feel grateful for accomplishing what you desire that day as well as for the longer-term goals coming true for you. The energy particles you are setting into motion activate more of what you desire.  So, by feeling grateful for something and pairing that feeling with your desire, you will engage energy particles to bring you opportunities for your wishes to be fulfilled.
  6. Enjoy your energy. After your quiet time of feeling grateful and focusing on your desires, you will likely feel relaxed and energized at the same time. Enjoy this feeling and your beautiful day.

Know that your focused intentions send forth particles of energy to meet your desire.

Now, please try these strategies and share your experience. How did it feel to have quiet time just for yourself? Did relaxing your body and mind help you? What was it like to pair the feeling of gratitude with the desire you envisioned for yourself? After trying this for a few days, has it made a difference for you?

© Melanie Dean, PhD


2 thoughts on “Six Steps to Powerful Focus”

  1. Lucinda,
    I too am still in awe of the power I have and that each of us have. I love visualizing these particles of energy leaving me and connecting with similar other particles. It sure makes me choosy on what I visualize!
    Thank you for your comment and enthusiasm,

  2. It is truly mind-blowing for me to contemplate your point that the energy particles in our own brain “set into motion particles of energy that leave us and connect with similar particles, each responding to our desires.” I love learning more about how I can influence this process in my own brain through your ideas about the physics of success.

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