What are your words of wisdom for achieving your dreams?

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3 thoughts on “What are your words of wisdom for achieving your dreams?”

  1. Rod,
    You sure are a living example of karma in action. What an incredible journey.
    Thank you for reminding us all of the beauty and fragility of life.

  2. Almost 11 years ago I fell 30 feet off a ladder to find myself unconscious for 4 weeks. I woke up with a broken back, broken neck and almost every bone in my body broken. With a halo on, I had to learn to walk, talk, write again and regain body functions plus recover from brain damage. It never occurred to me that I wouldn’t regain all of these functions and I can attribute it to divine intervention and the power of hundreds of people praying and sending me positive thoughts. I have always subscribed to the policy of “paying it forward” but never thought I would be the recipient on the other end of this philosophy. After many months of therapy and tons of good karma being sent my way I am now back to almost 95% functionality. It is the my firm belief that all of the positive thoughts and the good karma surrounding me is why I am alive. It is my belief that doing good over many years was returned to me 10 fold and not only saved my life but helped me return to a normal life.

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